Cobsa is a ceramic tile factory

that was established in 1976 in Onda, Spain.

We have 45 years of experience producing and designing tile. We are expert in small size ceramic tiles and complemmentary pieces. Cobsa is always innovating to offer a wide variety of designs and the high quality product.

Cobsa is a customer oriented company so our priority is to give the best service posible. We listen our clients and we are flexible, so we can meet their needs.


The Company was acquired by Alttoglass in August of 2020, an important Company from the Industry. This is helping Cobsa to keep growing and improving everyday




Pol. Ind. Casablanca s/n

12593 Moncofar, Castellón - Spain

Tel. +34 964 57 78 78

Fax. +34 964 577 879

Factory and Logistics


Calle San Fernando 7 

12200 Onda, Castellón - Spain

© 2020 by Cobsa, Alttoglass Group

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